January 19, 2017

Dee Christensen is a soldier's son who became a soldier. According to his web site, after being divorced twice, "he found first love again, simultaneously falling head first into crime, punishment, and compassion. As a state probation officer, he supervised the blameless, often the criminal, and rarely the forsaken." In his first book, And Now I'm Found, his character Con Alsop is no average detective. He is "disgusted with politics, disenchanted with formalities, and dismissed by the opposite sex." When the former Army officer's name is dropped by an old friend who works at the Governor's Office, the governor of Florida hires him to take on a mission. Con accepts the job, knowing that it could run him into deep trouble. His assignment is to dig up dirt on a "flip-flopping senator who has been running out-of-character ads advocating for environmental preservation of the sugar-industry-occupied Everglades." The senator's political enemies know that the big-business supporter cares nothing about the environment, and it's Con's job to find out who's backing the ads, and why. His book has been described as "Rich in detail and warm with Southern charm..." while delivering "suspense, unexpected comic relief, and vivid, unforgettable characters" and "providing an intimate look at political corruption at the state level."

February 16, 2017

Carol Hair Moore was born in Live Oak, a small town halfway between Tallahassee and Jacksonville. Her ancestors arrived in the area by covered wagon in the 1850's. Much of Carol's early life was spent in a rural environment during which she developed her love of animals, especially those on the farm. She received her BS Degree in Elementary Education from Florida State University and taught second grade in Gainesville, Florida while her husband, Ed obtained his law degree. Ed and Carol raised three children on Moore Farm just outside of Tallahassee. While it was the home to many animals including cows, horses, chickens, peacocks, turkeys, cats, dogs, and ducks, the family favorite was Marvin the pet goat. He was the inspiration for the first of her children's books, Marvin the Magnificent Nubian Goat. Subsequent books include lessons about Florida wildlife and for being happy humans. Pre -readers and readers alike will enjoy the time spent sharing Busy Bumble Bee Rides the Waves, Ruby Kate's Scrumptious Tea Cake Party, and Papa Mole's Secrets of Happiness.

March 16, 2017

Dixie-Ann Black, is a poet, author and public speaker. She is passionate about health and fitness, self-education and world travel. She is also an avid seeker of Truth and its application to daily life. She was born and raised on the exotic island of Jamaica and now lives in Florida. She is author of the newly published book: Just Chasing the Sun, a unique collection of short stories and poems.

April 20, 2017

No program is scheduled because of the TWA conference on April 22, 2017.

May 18, 2017

Sam Staley and Gina Edwards, will be presenting a participatory program/ mini-workshop on "Show Don't Tell."Sam Staley is probably best known to TWA members as the coordinator of Downtown Marketplace, but he is also a prolific writer of fiction and nonfiction. His novels are earning accolades from our peers in Florida and at the national level. His fifth novel, Tortuga Bay (SYP Publishing), continues the saga of a female pirate captain and ex-slave in the late 18th century Caribbean and earned two gold medals in the FAPA 2016 President's Awards. Tortuga Bay also was a category finalist in the 2016 Eric Hoffer Book Awards. A crossover action adventure, Tortuga Bay earned finalist spots in four categories at the Royal Palm Literary Awards: Published Mainstream/Literary Fiction, Women's Fiction, Young Adult Fiction, and Historical Fiction.

His most recent nonfiction book is Unsafe On Any Campus ? College Sexual Assault and What We Can Do About It, (SYP Publishing), an unflinching look at modern college life and how it contributes to the problem of college rape and sexual assault. The book draws on a wide range of personal and professional experiences, including 18 months living in a student apartment complex in Tallahassee, his volunteer work as a martial-arts based self defense coach, and five years of teaching undergraduates at Florida State University. His commentary on college sexual assault has appeared in the New York Times, Dallas Morning News, Philadelphia Inquirer, Boston Herald, Tallahassee Democrat, and numerous other outlets.

Sam has also expanded his writing portfolio to include regular contributions as a film critic for the Independent Institute, a California-based think tank with an international platform.

Sam's "day job" is Director of the DeVoe L. Moore Center at Florida State University where he teaches upper level classes in social entrepreneurship, urban planning, and urban economics. You can find out more about Sam's work from his website at, his blog ( and on his work on self-defense training and college sexual assault at

Co-presenter is Gina Edwards is an Editor, Author, and Creativity Coach, and the Founder of Around the Writer's Table an organization which her website states "is committed to empowering authors, both experienced and emerging, to fearlessly share their stories with the world by providing the resources, training, and connections they need to get published successfully." She says that her "greatest joy comes from working one-on-one with authors who have a drive to perfect their writing and a passion to live a creative life". She has worked in the corporate world for over 30 years on newsletters and magazines; advertising, marketing, and conference materials; technical and scientific reports; and most every other form of written communication. She is a member of the Florida Writers Association, the Tallahassee Writers Association, the Wednesday Night Writers group, the Creativity Coaching Association, and Women's Prosperity Network, and she is a Certified Professional Speaker.

This will be a participatory program to help you as a writer "Show Not Tell" in your work.

June 15, 2017

Diane Swearingen attended Florida State University receiving a BS in Elementary Education in 1972, and an MS in Library and Information Services in 1995. Diane worked in Leon County as a classroom teacher and a school media specialist, retiring in 2009 after thirty-six years. She published "POWER," a non-fiction reading comprehension strategy, in the Florida Media Quarterly in 2009 and continued to work as a reading consultant for Renaissance Learning, Inc. until 2012. The Smallest Tadpole's War in the Land of Mysterious Waters began with family research and has been a labor of love. Diane lives in Tallahassee with her husband, Thomas, the great-grandson of Thomas Franklin Swearingen on whose life this story is based.


Other Potential Speakers 2017

Invitations to speak have been extended to authors Dr. Walter Tschinkel, Pat Stanford, and Linda North. Dr. Tschinkel is an expert on fire ants who has written The Fire Ant, which has opened to five star reviews. Pat Stanford, a poet and ghost writer is the author of Fixing Boo Boo, about life with a brain injured sister. The book is set for publication in early 2017. Linda North, has published four romance novels, whose works combine that genre with science fiction, adventure and or mystery.


Each year we present the TWA Conference. Our conference this year is held at the FSU Turnbull Conference Center, in Tallahassee. As we come upon each new conference, we will update you with the exciting news.

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